MIFI is endorser of UNEP/FI Principles of Responsible Banking

MINDFUL FINANCE INSTITUTE becomes Supporting Organisation of UNEP/FI- Priniciples on Responsible Banking

With effect of February 2019 the MINDFUL FINANCE INSTITUTE (MIFI) becomes an endorser of the UNEP/FI-initiative to establish the Principles for Responsible Banking. These Principles help banks to align their business strategy with society’s goals and provide the framework for the sustainable banking system of the future

„The MINDFUL FINANCE INSTITUTE contributes to a paradigm change in finance. Where trust, transparency and sustainability are foundations arising out of mindful and responsible decision making. We endorse the UNEP/FI-Principles on Resonponsible Banking as they set the framework for sustainable banking of the future. This necessary cultural change can best be achieved through mindfulness.“, says Dr. Friedhelm Boschert, Managing Director and co-founder of the Oxford-based Institute.

MIFI was established to promote the application of mindfulness in business, leadership, and work in the financial sector. MIFI charts a path for individuals and organizations that wish to engage in discovering, and conscientiously building, the finance sector of the future. Initiating research on mindfulness applications in finance is an essential MIFI role. The core of MIFIs work rests on being rigorous in understanding the human mind and decision making processes. We apply a scientific approach to our understanding of the soft side of decision making and hard side of systems and controls.

MIFI espouses the belief that it is best to equip leaders and frontline actors with mindfulness and awareness capacities. This will enhance the ability to notice business risks and opportunities. It will also create a more open, responsible and sustainable business culture. The mindful ecosystem provides a solid framework for responsible behaviour, and business success.

A certified study course ”Mindful Finance Leadership” is currently being prepared and will start by the end of this year.

For any questions please contact
Dr. Friedhelm Boschert
Managing Director

Download the pdf: Press release UNEP-FI supporting organisation

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