Advanced Study Course
Mindful Finance Leadership

Receive a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) from Akademie der Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin and Mindful Finance Institute Oxford as a Mindful Finance Professional (MFP).

Get an exciting one-year study programme with qualified teachers, interesting guest lectureres and a mix of on-site and online courses with practical project works.

More information about the academic qualification:
Study course 'Mindful Finance Leadership 2020'

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About the Course

About the Steinbeis University and the academic framework of the course

About the value of mindfulness for finance professionals

About the curriculum, projects and the benefits of the course

What is different in this certified course?

What could you expect to learn and experience?

Mindfulness accompanies you all the time – enabling you to develop new perspectives, new traits and becoming much more resilient the same time.

Mindful Leadership provides for all the skills and competences leaders need to have in a digitized future VUCA world: like ability to focus and direct your awareness, developing empathy, being reflective.

Get a deep understanding of your very personal relationship to money and finance. Learn how to make productive use of your emotions, thoughts and past experiences when dealing with money and finance. Learn about new ways in strategy finding, financial decision making, open communication.

The course is designed for all working in or related to financial institutions who are open to contribute to a change in finance, getting inspired for new ideas and seeing first themselves and their institutions as objects of change.

The course will last one year and is composed of presence lectures, webinars and peer group workshops.

Interested? Contact us! Or listen into the MIFI-Webinar:

Information about the "Mindful Finance Study Course" from October 1, 2019:
In the webinar the program managers and lecturers explained why this course is established, who should participate, how the program is structured, what the requirements are and how participants can benefit from it.
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