At the Mindful Finance Institute we see ourselves as a competence center for the areas of mindfulness in finance, mindfulness and sustainability, and mindfulness-based financial development. To this end, we work with selected partners who complement our competencies.

Trainer Pool

Our founding partner, Awaris GmbH, draws on a pool of over 30 experienced trainers. We can involve these for Mindful Finance Institute projects. You can see the Awaris trainer pool here.


We work with selected partners who complement our competencies.


Awaris GmbH is a co-founder of the Mindful Finance Institute. It offers training and development programs for SMEs and large organizations. It always integrates neuroscience, mindfulness and systems thinking. Awaris is represented in Europe and worldwide with over 30 trainers.

Initiative Wertvolle Unternehmenskultur

The partners of the Initiative Wertvolle Unternehmenskultur are committed to promoting and implementing a modern understanding of corporate culture in banks and medium-sized companies. With their analysis tool, developed on a scientific basis, the core dimensions of meaning, energy, strength and performance of a corporate culture are made visible and thus manageable.


M3TRIX as a consulting company considers itself a companion on the path to sustainable corporate transformation. The team is interdisciplinary and combines over 30 years of experience in the fields of business administration, corporate social responsibility and sustainable management.

Questo Prosulting

Questo Prosulting has been developing learning concepts and unique development simulations with growing passion since 2002. The international team of facilitators helps to facilitate complex organizational change. QUESTO Prosulting is active in Germany, Austria, France, Switzerland, North and South America, and the United Kingdom. With THE MISSION, QuestoProsultinig offers a virtual action-learning platform that combines action-oriented training in future-oriented competencies – 21st century skills – such as creativity, agility, critical thinking, collaboration and communication with work on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (UN) and solving your complex business challenges.



CRIC is an association for the promotion of ethics and sustainability in investment and sees itself both as an information platform and a competence center. With its activities, CRIC wants to give more weight to ecological, social and cultural aspects in companies and the economy. This includes raising awareness for ethical-sustainable investments in society, politics, science and business; constructive dialogue with companies (“engagement”), politics and financial markets; information and further education; accompanying scientific research; national and international networking.