Sustainability in Finance MindShift

Sustainability in Finance MindShift

Anchoring sustainability in the minds, hearts and actions

Spotlight: Pilot program

In June 2021 we launched a unique training for a sustainability MindShift among managers and employees in banks and savings banks. In the program, we combined:

  • Sustainability Mindset Principles
  • core topics from Sustainable Finance and
  • practical implementation in tangible projects with sustainability impact.

The pilot program was successfully completed with participants’ final presentations in December 2021. Please contact us if you are interested in a program for your organization.
Details on the pilot program as a sample below.

Will additional support (e.g. through subsidies) for renewables really help?

Do you know why ‘planting trees’ is far from being enough for saving the climate? And why we should do it anyway?

How well prepared are your managers and employees for the sustainability transformation?

We need committed, compassionate and inspiring leaders who anticipate sustainability as an opportunity. Sustainability Mindshift in Finance develops these leaders.

Mindful Finance Institute

We act unintentionally and create bad results. We are not bad people…
… How well are you listening to the feedback of reality?

Isabel Rimanoczy, EdD in our Finance for Future Podcast

The Sustainability in Finance MindShift program supports executives

  • Develop a sustainability mindset aligned with the “Sustainability Mindset Principles”,
  • build up knowledge of the risks and opportunities of the sustainable finance strategy and apply it in practice, and
  • practice effective leadership behavior for the sustainability transformation.


The participants understand / learn / elaborate on …

… the ecological interrelatedness, their own contributions and the need for sustainable action. Scope 1-3 provide the framework for making future financial decisions from an impact perspective.

…how ecosystem thinking requires both long-term and non-linear thinking. The ESG model provides the framework, participants understand the basics, intentions and main players in the field of Sustainable Finance.

… how decision-making for sustainability improves by including „both+and“-logic. In the climate scenario simulation “En-Roads”, the ESG system-interrelationships, sustainability risks and solutions are analysed.

… the understanding that the gap between actual behaviour and aspired values promotes sustainability change. Sustainable Finance is recognised as a business opportunity, the taxonomy as a helpful tool.

… how sustainability orientation and intuition can be used for innovative action. At the same time, the methods and strategies of impact finance make it possible to experience implementation.

… how sustainability can serve as a purpose and mission for conveying meaning in financial institutions. They learn how to put the new requirements from the UN PRB and UN PRI principles into practice.

… tangible projects in an action lab on how sustainability can be implemented in structures, processes, business and products, with the involvement of the company’s stakeholders. Cross-disciplinary and cross-company cooperation brings inspiration, new perspectives and supports inclusion.

The Pilot Programs – Started 24 June 2021

We started with two virtual pilot programs (German + English):

Kick-Off: 24 June 2021 from 4– 6.30pm Berlin / 10am-12.30noon New York
Module 2-6: 1 / 8 / 15 / 22 & 29 July, same time
Action Lab: 26 August from 4pm-8pm Berlin / 9am-1pm New York
Final Presentation: End of November / early December tbd jointly

In addition to the modules, please reserve time for self-paced development and home practice (regular mindfulness, reflection and self-awareness  practices, engagement on the learning platform).

Project teams are encouraged to find project sponsors that will provide organizational support and team mentoring on the project.

Individual offer for your company?

Please send us a message with your contacts and the indication that you would like an individual offer for your company. We will be happy to discuss a suitable offer with you.

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    Experienced Facilitators

    Dr. Friedhelm Boschert
    Co-Founder & Managing Director, Mindful Finance Institute
    More than 20 years of experience in leading positions in the cooperative banking sector, including Chairman of the Board of Volksbank International.
    Honorary professor an the IMC FH Krems.
    Certified En-ROADS Climate Ambassador (Climate Interactive)
    Certified Expert for Sustainable Finance (Frankfurt School).

    Klemens Höppner, CFA
    Co-Founder & Managing Director, Mindful Finance Institute
    20 years of international experience in financial services, 10 years as executive board member / managing director.
    Certified Systemic Business Coach, Facilitator.
    Certified En-ROADS Climate Ambassador (Climate Interactive)
    Certified Expert for Sustainable Finance (Frankfurt School).

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