Study Course Mindful Finance Advisor

Study Course
Mindful Finance Advisor

The Mindful Finance Institute offers the first study course with the degree "Mindful Finance Advisor".

Personal self-management is becoming increasingly important in an environment characterised by pressure, stress, distractions and restlessness, especially in the financial sector. Here it is not always easy to make clear decisions, to deal with the customer completely even under stress, and above all to anchor customer relationships empathically and sustainably. Mindfulness is the key to ensuring that you, as a financial advisor and client advisor, can work with a clear head, lots of feeling, passion and joy.

In our 6-month course you will learn how to better control your thoughts and emotions to make better decisions, how to switch off quickly and how to deal better with stress. And get to know yourself better about your personal relationship to money. At the same time, you will deepen your knowledge of sustainability and ethics in financial and asset investment.

You can find more information about the study program here:
Mindful Finance Advisor - Study Course Information

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