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Mindset for sustainable finance
December 19, 2019

Mindfulness: enabling a mindset for sustainable finance? Financial firms are increasingly looking to mindfulness training Continue reading

How does a bank actually become sustainable?
June 12, 2019

Sustainable Finance needs a new mindset

Hey bankers, watch out! Times are changing. ''I dare Continue reading

Financial sustainability needs mindfulness
June 3, 2019

''People are not aware about their habits ...'',

Continue reading

MIFI is endorser of UNEP/FI Principles of Responsible Banking
February 26, 2019

Making your financial decisions in a mindful context can change your life for the Continue reading

Money & Mind – How it works
October 21, 2018

Many times a day we think of money. If we know how we really Continue reading

Improving Our Lives through Mindful Finance
July 15, 2018

Making your financial decisions in a mindful context can change your life for the Continue reading

Transforming Corporate Culture with Mindfulness
July 15, 2018

Corporate culture itself is resistant against change. It requires more attention.

Continue reading
No Stress with Money
July 1, 2018

What do you feel when thinking of your financial matters or your money? Concern? Continue reading

Why Mindful Individuals Make Better Decisions
May 31, 2018

Mindfulness is practiced in board rooms from Silicon Valley to Wall Street. But just Continue reading

Industry Change and Mindful Finance
May 12, 2018

Industry Change and Mindful Finance

Continue reading
Mindful Finance: New Banking, no Illusions
May 1, 2018

On the negative list, both features are at the very top. Money and banks

''Financial Continue reading


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