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"Mindfulness and Sustainability in Finance" - with Ass. Prof. Ernest Ng, Hong Kong University

"Macro economics and mindful finance" - with Dan Nixon, MIFI, formerly Bank of England

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Initiating research on mindfulness applications in finance is an essential MIFI role. The core of our work rests on being rigorous in understanding the human mind and decision making processes. We apply a scientific approach to our understanding of decision making and systems and controls. Click here to get to the MIFI White Papers.

Blog posts

Well-being in the Finance Workplace
May 17, 2020

Free 30 minute webinars - Starting May 26 The live webinars offer thoughts and practices Continue reading

Finance for the Self-Employed in Times of Crisis
March 22, 2020

Self-employed: How to work with finances in times of crisis - covering the financial Continue reading

Finanzen für Selbständige in Zeiten der Krise
March 22, 2020

Als Selbständige sind wir von den plötzlichen Auswirkungen der Krise betroffen. Artikel und Webinar Continue reading

Financial Wellbeing of the bank’s customers
March 14, 2020

Financial well-being is a question of attitude towards money and finance. 4 good reasons Continue reading

Mindset for sustainable finance
December 19, 2019

Mindfulness: enabling a mindset for sustainable finance? Financial firms are increasingly looking to mindfulness training Continue reading

How does a bank actually become sustainable?
June 12, 2019

Sustainable Finance needs a new mindset

Hey bankers, watch out! Times are changing. ''I dare Continue reading


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