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How does a bank actually become sustainable?

Sustainable Finance needs a new mindset

Hey bankers, watch out! Times are changing. ”I dare to assert that in the long run only a credit institution that is committed to sustainability can survive in the market,” says Raimund Röseler, executive director banking supervisory, at German Financial Markets Supervisory Authority BAFIN, ”Institutions that do not adapt may not be able to find investors, customers and young and motivated employees in the long term.” (Article quoted at present available in German language only, check out BaFin website)

And additionally: where are the 180 billion euros a year supposed to come from that are needed in Europe alone to achieve the Paris climate protection targets?



Financial sustainability needs mindfulness

”People are not aware about their habits …”,

…the Swedish activist Greta Thunberg introduced an interview a few days ago at the climate summit in Vienna. A key sentence, not only with regard to climate change, but also the reference to the special role that mindfulness can play in sustainable investing and consumption. But one after the other.

The topic of sustainability has also reached the financial sector.

Finally! Banks, investment funds and insurers are managing huge amounts of capital, which are now to be used in a more focused way ”for a more environmentally friendly and



Money & Mind – How it works

Many times a day we think of money. If we know how we really tick, we can put our relationship to money on a new footing.



Improving Our Lives through Mindful Finance

Making your financial decisions in a mindful context can change your life for the better…



No Stress with Money

What do you feel when thinking of your financial matters or your money? Concern? Happiness? Stress? Anxiety? Appetite for more? Feeling guilty? Or do you feel nothing at all? And does your financial advisor know about – above all, what drives himself unconsciously? Money and thinking in money is a highly emotional issue,” the Future Institute states in their current trend study “Money-Brain: Tomorrow’s cultural technology of paying” (March 2017, in German language only, sorry). Highly emotional – how true it is!

But what do you do?

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Mindful Finance: New Banking, no Illusions

On the negative list, both features are at the very top. Money and banks

”Financial institutions don’t get out of their image rut”. – This was the title of a study already published years ago. But nothing has changed so far. At the same time “money” is one of the tops of personal stress factors, as shown in a comprehensive survey by GfK: “Pressure, money and work are the main reasons for stress in Germany. GfK data demonstrate that in case of 23 percent of the interviewed people, mainly their own demands trigger stress. Financial troubles rank second with 19 percent and 15 percent state work to be the principal cause.”