Mindful Finance – Shift and act now

Why and How?

MIFI espouses the belief that it is best to equip leaders and frontline actors with mindfulness and awareness capacities.
This will enhance the ability to notice business risks and opportunities, and create a more open and innovative business culture.
A mindful ecosystem like this provides a solid framework for responsible behaviour, and business success.

Options to act


Mindfulness Training programs, workshops and lectures for executives, staff and members of financial institutions.


Consulting and advisory services for institutions in the finance sector seeking cultural change.


Financial education with organisations of the financial literacy movement.


Community building efforts and resources for Mindful Finance community members

By facilitating the transformation of finance into a more purposeful, human instrument MIFI pursues a social objective.
By providing commercial services MIFI creates income that will be used in conjunction with donations to magnify and accelerate the Mindful Finance effect on the finance industry.
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The time is ripe for change in the finance industry.

It’s a task that requires efforts of all involved. Redefining our relationship with money and our relationships within the financial world. Leading us to a new attitude and a new culture in finance:

Contribute with your ideas, with your energy and your passion to transform finance.

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