Mindful Finance – A change in approach

The time is right for change in the finance industry.
Powerful societal forces are challenging the old way of doing things in finance.
This points to a need to re-invent the finance industry by updating the way financial decisions are made.

The How

It is not so much the WHAT but the HOW that needs to change to re-invigorate finance.


This change will reconnect the industry to the heart of value creation – trust.

Stress & Emotions

The Mindful Finance approach acknowledges the fact that matters related to money and finance involve highly stressful, emotional issues. In this way, mindfulness allows our personal experiences, narratives, and emotions to become valuable tools rather than distractions.

The Mindful Finance Team

„With the MIFI we will contribute to a paradigm change in finance. Where trust, transparency and sustainability are foundations and arise from mindful decision making. By adressing the "HOW we relate to money" and "HOW we collaborate" we‘ll be able to fundamentally change the culture of finance and financial institutions.“

Dr. Friedhelm Boschert
Founder & Manager, Mindful Solutions, Vienna, Austria

„The finance industry is at the center of the ongoing transformation towards a sustainable future for people and planet. This will require major and deep mindset-shifts, new competencies and behavioral patterns. Mindfulness is an important foundational practice and trait to make this happen, to create a finance for future.“

Klemens Höppner, CFA
Partner, Mindful Finance Institute

Dr. Friedhelm Boschert, Founder and Manager MINDFUL SOLUTIONS; 25 years of experience in international cooperative banking; today leading the support asssociation for responsible investment of a global microfinance organisation; honorary professor (FH) at IMC FH Krems; certified teacher in meditation and mindfulness.

Klemens Höppner, CFA; 20 years of international experience in financial services in Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa. 10 years as managing director/executive board member, including up to 9-digit single investments. Various meditation and mindfulness trainings in Germany and India. Certified yoga teacher (YA200+). Certified business coach and facilitator.

„Changing mindsets mean working with our mind.  We might have many ideas and insights how things could be different or how we could work differently – but often these do not become reality. Mindfulness is a practice of working with our mind and interrupting our automatic assumption and responses – and choosing our responses in a considered manner. Also when dealing with money and finance.“

Chris Tamdjidi
CEO, Awaris UK Ltd., Oxford, Great Britain

„Making your financial decisions in a mindful context can change your life for the better. The open, aware state of mind that defines mindfulness is the perfect container for the rigor and clarity which benefit financial decision making. With the MIFI we’ll spread this idea to the world of finance.”


Solomon Halpern
President, Highlander Wealth, Boulder, CO, USA

Chris Tamdjidi, Founder and Director of Awaris; has worked extensively in leadership development based on mindfulness with leaders in organisations, the German Parliament, the European Parliament and the European Commission and finance institutions.

Solomon Halpern, Founder & President of HIGHLANDER – A Mindful Finance Company; impact investor; meditation instructor; corporate and university mindfulness teacher; individual Mindful Finance consultant; American who considers himself a world citizen.

Mission Statement

The Mindful Finance Institute (MIFI) exists to contribute to a paradigm shift in the finance industry. MIFI provides information, resources, and community so that a rigorous approach to finance can be combined with the “noble purpose” of allocating resources for the highest good of society and human creativity.

More about our mission

MIFI promotes the application of mindfulness in business, leadership, and work in the financial sector. MIFI charts a path for individuals and organizations that wish to engage in discovering, and conscientiously building, the finance sector of the future. Initiating research on mindfulness applications in finance is an essential MIFI role. The core of our work rests on being rigorous in understanding the human mind and decision making processes. We apply a scientific approach to our understanding of decision making and systems and controls.

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