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The demand for a finance sector that reflects long-term thinking and responsible action is growing. Indicative of this demand is the interest from professionals and the general public in ethical banking, socially responsible and impact investment, and a large number of other initiatives aiming for finance to become a creative force of positive societal transformation. The need for change is also stressed by the financial sector leadership: „The challenge for management of embedding values, behaviors and desired conduct throughout banks cannot be overestimated, but it needs urgent action primarily from the banks addressing both the WHAT and HOW of their culture.”
(Group of Thirty, p. 23)

Work in finance has become dehumanized and uninspiring.

Leaders and employees in the financial sector are burdened with stressful jobs, an ever increasing load of ineffective compliance busy work, and the lack of promise for a brighter future. Human needs for community, socialization, care, nature, and fun are devalued in finance sector work environments. There has been widespread adoption of a bureaucratic, fear based, mistake avoidance culture. As opposed to a focus on business innovation, operational excellence, and value based leadership.